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Brach’s Christmas Nougats

Friday, November 4th, 2011 by Jessica Prokop

They say that variety is the spice of life. Well, Brach’s is delivering a variety of spices with its new lineup of holiday nougats.

Okay…so they’re mostly mints. But you get the idea. You might remember Christmas Nougats from going “treeing” at other people’s houses. They have these tiny little trees in the middle, and you can’t help but try and bite around the candy just so, in an effort to free the tree from a forest of nougat. And then, when you fail, you can’t help but try again. Over the years, I wiled away many hours this way, waiting for adults to finish talking. These candies, for many of us, are a signal that the holidays are really here.

Classic Peppermint Christmas Nougats

It all started with the Brach’s Peppermint Christmas Nougat. This red-and-white variety  is the classic soft candy of Christmas, but as a kid I shied away from them. But as an adult, curiosity struck. What I found is that these are actually quite addictive.

The texture seems to be hard before you open them. But the nougat softens as you chew, giving way to one of the cleanest and smoothest candy textures I’ve experienced. They’re really nice after dinner (and after dessert) to make your mouth all fresh and tingly. They’re more peppermint than sweet, so you feel like you’ve eaten a mint rather than a candy.

Wintergreen Christmas Nougats

Somewhere over the years, Brach’s decided to mix it up. So now those more inclined to eat Canada Mints can have a Christmas candy, too. Wintergreen is one of those bizarre flavors that you don’t think you want to eat on purpose. Pepto Bismol might have done that to us. But one bite of something Wintergreen that’s actually yummy, and you can’t stop eating it.

Brach’s Wintergreen Christmas Nougats are no exception. They have the exact same wonderful texture and festive design as the Peppermint nougat, but the base color is light green instead of white. These leave you with a distinct cool feeling in your mouth.

Cinnamon Christmas Nougats

Cinnamon might be the best variety for children new to the world of Brach’s Christmas Nougats. These also have the little tree design, but the main color is pink. When you open an individually wrapped piece, you’re immediately hit with a jolt of cinnamon fragrance. These are just remarkably pleasant, because they have potent cinnamon flavor without overwhelming you with a burst of heat.

Cinnamon Christmas Nougats give you all the texture of classic nougats, plus a cinnamonny experience without the annoying loss of flavor you get from chewing gum. Unlike the mint varieties, this one leaves your mouth feeling warm and toasty.

Chocolate Mint Christmas Nougats

And then there’s one more — the fun one. Brach’s Chocolate Mint Christmas Nougats take things outside the box. They abandon the classic tree design for a basic but totally cute irregular swirl. This makes them fun to smash, so kids — or you — might end up playing with them more than the others. The chocolate and mint layers are made from two distinct flavors of nougat. The chocolate is a really nice surprise. It has none of that essence-of-fake-chocolate taste, but rather adds a subtle chocolate tone to the distinct mint flavor.

I carefully nibbled at the mint layer of several of these, trying to decide what kind of mint it was. I gave up. It has the light green hue of wintergreen but the freshness of peppermint. And seems too much like a Peppermint Patty to be Wintergreen. Either way, when you eat the layers together, you still get that very consistent, smooth nougat texture, with a refreshing flavor that leaves behind notes of mint.

A Christmas Candy Tradition

The nutrition facts on these puppies makes them an indulgence that’s worth it. The stats are pretty similar for all varieties, so 5 pieces have around 160 calories and 3 grams of fat. That’s not bad at all for candy in any season. Stick with Brach’s to revive old traditions or start new ones. These candies are so unique, they won’t be forgotten.

Candy 1 to 20 Contest – The Winners

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 by Jessica Prokop

We want to send a big “Thank You” out to everyone who submitted their candy stories during our Candy 1 to 20 Contest. We received stories that were funny, touching, nostalgic, and creative, all about learning with candy. It’s clear that candy certainly is a great motivator, and that the ways to use it are endless.

Check out the stories on the original post.

And the Winners Are…

  • Owen Brelsford
  • Candace Retka
  • P. Chatwin
  • Matthew Keller
  • Kasee Johnson


Each winner will win a signed copy of the book “Candy 1 to 20” from Chronicle Books.

Watch out in the coming weeks for our next contest. Sign up for our newsletter to receive chances to win, special deals, and new product announcements!

Candy 1 to 20 Contest

Thursday, October 6th, 2011 by Jessica Prokop

Candy Favorites is delighted to be partnering with Chronicle Books to announce the release of Candy 1 to 20. This colorful new board book, published by Chronicle Books, uses vibrant photos of classic candies to teach basic counting skills.

To celebrate Candy 1 to 20, we’ll be giving away 5 copies of the book. Each of them is signed by the author! To enter, just share your experience of candy as a teaching tool.

Did you learn probability through the colors of M&M’s? Are you a teacher who uses the squares of Hershey Bars to teach fractions? Or was your favorite candy used as a reward as you learned important life lessons?

Since candy is a powerful motivator and positive reinforcement for all ages, the possibilities are endless. Send us your most memorable candy-fueled learning experiences, and you’ll be entered to win one of 5 signed copies of Candy 1 to 20. You can email us or submit the form below.

Winners will be announced Friday, October 28.

Contest Terms & Conditions


Submit Your Story!

Share your SWEETEST MEMORY and enter our contest to win $150 worth of FREE CANDY!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 by Jon
Share with us your SWEETEST memory and you can win a $150 SWEETCERTIFICATE

Share with us your SWEETEST memory and you can win a $150 SWEETCERTIFICATE


Candy is as much a part of our American culture as hamburgers, jazz, and baseball. Since so many of our sweet memories include candy, we decided to pitch a contest to see to who has the best one to tell.

Do you remember the first time you had Pop Rocks? Did your grandmother make a bad day better with caramel creams? Did your toddler stash all the Marshmallow Peeps in her diaper to keep her siblings from getting any? We know you’ve got something worth sharing.

Give us your best candy story by Friday, August 19 and you could win a $150 Sweetcertificate to spend on Who else will reward you for reminiscing about candy?

Browse our huge candy selection to jog your memory and we bet you’ll be surprised how many happy scenes return to you. Enjoy, and we look forward to reading your story.

PS: To enter the contest, simply post your memory or story as a REPLY to this blog entry.  Good Luck!


Enter to Win a $100 Gift Certificate from

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 by benjamin

Candy Favorites Gift CardCandy Favorites is giving away a $100 gift certificate. To win, simply follow these instructions:

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Unfortunately, I am not eligible, since I work for the company, but there’s no reason why the lucky winner can’t share the winnings with me. After all, I did hook you up with the information. Hook a brother up.

New Lower Flat Rate Shipping Rate!

Monday, February 14th, 2011 by Jon

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we have reduced our ECONOMY SHIPPING RATE to only $8.95 which is the LOWEST shipping rate of any online candy store!

Of course, orders over $69.95 still qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

Enjoy your favorite candy today…..

Candy Favorites is offering a sweet contest to coincide with the release of the Warner Brothers Home Video movie, “Flipped”

Saturday, November 20th, 2010 by benjamin

Flipped - Warner Brothers Home video

Candy Favorites is proud to offer a great contest to help promote the release of Warner Brother’s Home Video “Flipped”

The delightful family film Flipped, hits shelves November 23rd, just in time for the holidays.

The film features a fun-loving story adapted from Wendelin Van Draanens bestselling novel Flipped, and stars the up and coming young actress Madeline Carroll (Swing Vote) as well as John Mahoney (Frasier).  Flipped is a movie that everyone can relate to as it explores the innocence and simplicity of first love.

“The film is absolutely charming and deals with the nostalgia of childhood and growing up ,” says Jon H.Prince, President, ” a piece of nostalgic candy can easily bring back sweet memories so it seemed like a perfect fit to help Warner Brothers Home Video promote such a great film with such an endearing theme…and who doesn’t recall their “first love…”

“It’s a perfect film for the holidays and coupled with a great piece of candy, I can’t think of a nicer way to spend an evening.” says Tom Griffin, General Manager.

For a limited time, you can register to win a 32″ High Definition Television, A Blu-Ray DVD player and 20 copies of the DVD!

To enter the Sweepstakes and to watch a trailer of this charming film, please CLICK HERE

Hurry as the contest ends on December 3rd….

Candy Blox: Build and Eat, it Can’t Be Beat

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 by Jon
Candy Blox are just like Lego

Candy Blox are ideal for any budding architect or for anyone who enjoys playing with Lego's!

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 3

Convenience: 8

Novelty: 9

Overall: 7

 I know that one of my favorite activities as a child was building with LEGOs. With a box of LEGOs the possibilities were endless. You could make any type of house or boat or spaceship and play with it and modify it in any way. Now you can not only stack your LEGO shaped blocks, but you can eat them too!

 The blocks come in different colors and thus different flavors and they also come in different sizes and thus you can choose the size of the piece of candy you want without breaking or biting.

 I would be lying if I said that the candy’s taste matches up equally with how fun it is, but the sweet grainy sugar blocks are just not the greatest tasting candies. Each color has a distinct flavor and those flavors are entirely too sweet for my taste.

These candy blocks would make for a great birthday party activity for young kids. With a big bucket of these blocks, a room of kids could have the time of their lives. The blocks actually stick quite well together; the kids build their towers and after they have already gotten all of their germs and all of their friends’ germs all over their beautiful candy block tower they can call off the bulldozers and munch down on their creation.

A Life In Candy: Retro Gift Pack Brings It All Back

Saturday, February 17th, 2007 by benjamin

While surfing through the McKeesport Candy Co. website I found the Retro Candy Gift Pack, all of which comes straight and direct from the hazy days of my childhood. The late 80s and early 90s were, for this twenty-something, the pinnacle of sugary achievement. This pack includes it all, but I’m going to focus on a few particular items which deserve attention all on their own.

1. Candy Jewelry

Is there a single girl out there who didn’t love wearing candy jewelry? Heck, I’ll still wear a candy necklace from time to time with a T-shirt, just as a fun accessory. Candy jewelry loves to taunt you: it just hangs there on your neck or wrist, the delectable sugary goodness teasing you. You know if you eat it, the cuteness of the candy necklace will be gone, but how can you not? The answer is simple: buy two, eat one, and save one to wear. Or just eat them both. That’s what I would do.

2. Fun Dip

Oh, Lik-M-Aid. Fun Dip took the candy concept (sugar + flavors) and simplified it to its most basic parts. You have your packets of flavored, colored sugar substance, and you have the Lik-M-Stick, which seems to be basically a compacted stick of sugar. Lick the stick, dip it in the sugar, and pow! Plus, it’s like getting four kinds of candy in one: you get the three flavors of powder (including one that looks blue but turns itself and your mouth green when you eat it) PLUS the added satisfaction of devouring the sugar sticks when you’re done. However, I have one caution that comes from learned experience: don’t attempt the Fun Dip on crowded car trips. Between the bumps and jostles, powdery disaster could result. I’m not going to give the Pixie Stix much verbage, since they’re basically the same thing as Fun Dip, without the sugar stick, but Pixie Sticks are fabulous. I would always get the really huge, couple-foot-long Pixie Stix and just pour that powered sugar down my throat. Mmmmmm.

3. Sugar Daddies and Babies

When I got my braces in middle school, I pretty much disregarded all the restrictions they gave me about eating food. I chowed down on popcorn and gum and ice, but I quickly discovered that some of my favorite candies were now off-limits. The first time I attempted to down some Sugar Babies, well, disaster struck. It took me almost a day to untangle my metal molars from the sticky stuff, but man, it was almost worth it. Such caramel-ly goodness! I do have to object to the blatant patriarchal domination of this candy: where’s the Sugar Mama?!? We demand candy equality!

4. Pop Rocks and Sweet Tarts

There’s not a whole lot to say about these two candies besides that they’re fabulous. Penny for penny, Pop Rocks are some of the best fun you can have. I mean really, where else can you get a few minutes of mouth-popping excitement for under a buck? That’s what I thought. And Sweet Tarts, well, their name says it all. They have been a Halloween staple my entire life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are a few of these retro candy packs available, and they all have a far bigger selection than I’ve talked about here. After writing this, all I have to say that I really wish I were 10 and tonight was Halloween.


A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 by benjamin

Valentine's Day Candy

Oh, Valentine’s Day. If you’re a romantic, the phrase brings up heartwarming thoughts of love, togetherness, roses, flowers and chocolates. If you’re a cynic, you probably think that Valentine’s Day is a huge scam constructed by the diamond, greeting card, flower and candy companies to make women expect presents from their men.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. British settlers brought the holiday over from Europe in the 19th century, and the first mass-produced valentines (made of embossed paper lace) were produced and sold in 1848 by Esther Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts. She was inspired by a British card she’d received. This tradition evolved into the exchange of gifts, flowers, candy and cards. In the 1980s the diamond industry was successfully able to associate its product with the holiday as well. Currently, over 1 billion Valentine cards and over 50 million roses are sent in the U.S each year for Valentine’s Day.

So what’s the iconic candy of Valentine’s Day? The obvious first choice would be Conversation Hearts. NECCO has been producing these little boxes of chalky love since the civil war, and NECCO must produce about 100,000 pounds of the candy hearts every day in order to meet the demands of the Valentine season, when about 8 billion hearts are sold in six weeks. Feel the need to surprise that special someone a custom-written Conversation Heart? It’s totally doable… that is, as long as you don’t mind purchasing an entire production run of them. That’s 1.7 million ways to say I love you! What could be better than that?

In the end, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to appreciate and pamper those you love. So cynics, buck up and do something nice. Make your beloved a romantic card, buy her a box of chocolates, and just bask in the love. And if you don’t have a special someone, who cares? Get your friends together, eat some ice cream and Thin Mints, and have a Singles’ Awareness Day where you talk about how much you totally don’t need a date. Sometimes, that can be more fun than the traditional Valentine’s dinner date!

But however you choose to celebrate the holiday, I hope you have fun, keep warm, and stay sweet!