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Sunday, October 20th, 2013 by Jessica Prokop

With all the candy contests we have around here, it only makes sense that we’d end up with some unclaimed prizes in our candy warehouse. These free treats belong in your hands (well, if you’re a lucky winner) so now is the time to stake your claim. We’ve re-sent prize notifications to our winners, but this is the one place to find all the winners all at once.

Here’s Your Next Chance to Win!

utz-pretzels-contest-3 copy

Just tell us your favorite Halloween story.

We just got these huge 2-POUND gift boxes of Utz Pretzels covered with milk and white chocolate. The only thing that makes sense is to give one away!

It’s free to enter! Just post your story in the comments, Tweet it at us, or post it on our Facebook wall.

Retro Candy Case Contest

Treasure chest-originalOur Retro Case of Old Fashioned Candy is boxed up and ready to go! But first someone had to count all those candies! It turns out that only one person’s guess was right on the nose.

That was Debi Jones with 386!

Since one person doesn’t amount to a pool of winners, we’ll be sending mystery prizes to these close guessers.

387 – Marie Rindsig Steffen
387 – Wayne Kenworthy
384 – Nancy Sewing
389 – Tim McBride
389 – Denise Thorhill

Just send your shipping address to to claim your prize.

Fort Knox Gold Bar Caption Contest

fort-knox-chocolateThe winner of our Giant Fort Knox Chocolate Bar is:

“I didn’t win the lottery, but …I got a solid chocolate bar that is so yummy I have to keep it in Fort Knox !!!

Diane Casasnovas

Here are all our favorite runners up!

“Today on Americas Most Wanted…authorities are searching for this man. He made off with the most valuable gold bar at Fort Knox.”

Amy Airhart Rodriguez

“They don’t know this is an empty wrapper, I already ate the chocolate.”

Sue Derby

“Don’t Knox it until you try it!”

Emily Waszak Florence

“Millionaire Chocoholic looking for another Chocoholic to melt together.”

Kim Nash

“If I could just find my 5 pound jar of peanut butter……”

Melanie Black Little

“It’s bullion, no bull!”

Margaret Morrison

“Gold Would Only Weigh Me Down, But Chocolate Lifts My Spirits Up.”

Steve Dadolf

candy-experiments-mailing-coverCandy Experiments Books

Back in June we were super excited about the fun new book Candy Experiments. We’ve still got a few signed copies of the book on our shelves, and we want some kids (or maybe even grown ups) to have some educational fun with them.

Send us your mailing address if you’re:

  • Andrea
  • Brandi B
  • @glennieglennie

5 Responses to “Prize Winners & New Contest”

  1. Ellen Nelson says:

    Best Halloween I can remember was my grandson’s third birthday. There was a hayride lined with spooky and funny characters provided by all the older cousins, aunts and uncles.

  2. Sue Derby says:

    When I was a little girl, my Dad took my sister and I Trick or Treating. We had small brown bags to collect out treats in and when they got full, my Dad (being the great Dad that he was), dumped our bags down the front of his overalls so we could keep collecting treats. When we got home, he discovered two melted caramel apples stuck to his clothes. We all had a great laugh and still lots of treats.

  3. Kim nordquist says:

    Storm sandy left our halloween season in the dark last year on the 7th day of no electric it was halloween we took the kids trick or treating anyway wires n trees down everywhere . To our surprise when we got back our lights finally came on and the kids ate their candy with heat n lite!!

  4. Debbie DaPena says:

    I am known to my 6 Grandkids as Grandma Debbie but they often tell me my name should be really be “Grandma Surprise”. This book could be an addition to my Surprise Arsenal.

  5. Susan F. says:

    I’ve been a “chocoholic” since as far back as I can remember, and so was my Dad (both of us being only milk chocolate lovers). When I’d go Trick-or-Treating, I would take out any of the CHOCOLATE candies and hide them in a pocket in my costume, and leave the non-chocolates treats in my candy bag, so my father couldn’t find and eat them!

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