Round Candy

Round Candy
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Many of the classic candies that have been around for decades have one thing in common -- they're round. Every color and flavor is represented in an endless variety of round candies, making this the perfect place to start planning your candy buffet. These sweet candy orbs will flow perfectly into the every nook and cranny of a multitude of decorative containers. You can use them in place of sand in festive flower arrangements, as components of decorative centerpieces, and to dot everything from eyes to landscapes on cakes and cookies.

One Shape, Many Sizes Round candies of all sizes can make a big impression.

Big round candies such as Gumballs provide an ample treat that's also inexpensive. The larger the candy, the less you'll need to fill each container. (And since many orders ship for free, the value can really add up!)

Medium-sized candy often delivers the best variety. You can mix and match colors and flavors so your guests can munch all day and never get bored. Simple single-colored candies make a great complement to themed candy with more detail, like My Idolpops and animal-shaped gummies.

Small round candies look awesome when used as the base for other colors and styles. You can use them to hold flowers, to fill jars and bags, or to paint your candy canvas.

Fabulous Finishes

Many of our most beautiful candies belong to the Round Candy category, and their shimmering finish will add a touch of elegance or magic to your event. Sixlets, Candy Pearls, and Gumballs are all available in an array of shimmering pearlescent colors. These unique candies make use of modern food finishes that are completely edible, but look almost too good to eat!

Planning is Key

One of the key rules to creating a beautiful candy buffet is to includes as many different shapes and sizes as possible. When you combine a larger product like a half-inch gumball with something smaller like a foil-wrapped chocolate ball, the results can be shockingly beautiful. Whether you want large or small candy, chocolate or fruit flavors, or sugary or smooth textures, our section of round candies includes enough options to allow you to create the candy buffet of your dreams.

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