Candy Pillows

Candy Pillows
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We all know how much people love Reese’s Pieces, Hershey’s Kisses, and M&M’s, but we also know that they can’t always snuggle up to those chocolaty pieces of heaven, as much as they would like to.

If you’d like to help your friends avoid a chocolate snuggle disaster, then please, give the gift of plush Iscream candy pillows. It has all of the same pleasant associations as his or her favorite candy, with none of the mess, and none of the embarrassment of a Snuggie.

We have a Iscream candy pillow for everybody, including licorice and bubble gum lovers. Attention ladies: even if your man isn’t a snuggler, we strongly suspect he may secretly want the Miller Light Squishy Pillow. It’s soft, it’s blue, and it’s shaped like a beer can. What’s not to love?

Get some of the real candy to go along with your candy pillow of choice and you’ve got yourself a home-run gift for somebody who’s gonna be happy. We regret to say that we don’t sell six-packs of Miller Light to accompany that particular pillow, but we are confident that you probably knew that already and won’t consider it a shortcoming.

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