Non Perishable Parade Candy

Non Perishable Parade Candy
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Non Perishable Candies are ideal if you are looking for products to enjoy in areas with Hot Weather, or if you are using them for parades or corporate promotions and don’t want to have to worry about your candies melting.

Gummi candy and chocolate will melt when exposed to high temperatures. That's why we decided to create a section of our more “durable" bulk candies that are economical to purchase -- they are sold in bulk after all -- and can be enjoyed year round in almost any climate.  Please bear in mind that any candy can be damaged when exposed to extremes of temperature, but certain products such as Candy Roll Wafers (Smarties) and Tootsie Pops tend to hold up better.

Summer Candy

Nothing beats the long, lazy days of summer or, for that matter, living in a warm, sunny climate. But adding delicious candy can make anything better. We hope this section of non-perishable candies will make it easier to enjoy tropical climes and candies together.

Please note that this list only covers candy that we offer in bulk, which makes up only a small portion of the over 3000 candies available. For those of you who still crave chocolate or more perishable items, we are always willing to help you find the most economical ways to ship your candy safely.

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