Food Related Candy

Food Related Candy
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Welcome to one of our favorite sections! Our Food Candy page features candy that channels the spirit of popular foods and beverages and demonstrates the candy makers’ great sense of humor. After all, candy is supposed to be fun.

You’ll have fun when you order up a Gummi Mexican Dinner, complete with gummi tacos, refried beans, chili peppers, and a bottle of soda. It comes to you ready to eat and you don’t even have to tip. We’re still hoping for gummi margaritas, but in the meantime, enjoy Sour Soda Pop Candy and Gummi Cola Bottles.

Other food candy favorites include the Gummi Lunch Bags and Gummi Hot Dogs, Gummi Fruit Cocktails, and Cupcake Lollipops.

Choose a few food candy items off the menu below to whet your appetite, and let them be appetizers, snacks, or (what the heck) dinner. We won’t tell.

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