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If you like Animal Crackers in your soup, or Gummi Earthworms after dinner, or Slithering Snake Suckers just because, then our Animal Candy page is the place for you.

Here we have all of our animal candy, like Haribo Mini Rainbow Frogs, K-9 Candy Dog Bowls, and Peachy Penguins, in one spot, ready to make the trip to your house to help you create adorable gift baskets for the animal lovers in your life, or trim out your next children’s birthday party.

It’s a veritable animal candy zoo here, but in this case the animals feed you and not many are terribly threatening. Don’t overlook the Chocolate Cockroaches (no bugs, just delicious bundles of chocolate, caramel, and coconut), Mini Pocket Pet Dispensers, and Gummi Alligators while you browse.

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