Frequently Asked Questions about M&M’s® Chocolate Candies

As one of the few independent resellers of Individually Colored M&M’s®, we want to provide a listing of Frequently Asked Questions about one of America’s favorite chocolate candies.


Are you affiliated with M&M Mars / Masterfoods USA?

In order to avoid confusion, we would like to formally state that we are an independent retailer and are not affiliated with, co-sponsored or endorsed by Masterfoods USA / M&M in any capacity


Is the product genuine and factory fresh?

Although we do not  purchase directly from the manufacturer, all products are guaranteed to be one hundred (100) percent genuine and sold in factory sealed bags in order to maintain integrity and quality.

We strive to provide only the highest quality merchandise sold within date and quality parameters as specified by the manufacturer.


Why do your pictures not show the actual candies?

Our Individually Colored M&M’s ® have the exact same imprinting as product purchased directly from the manufacturer.

As M&M Mars / Masterfoods USA owns the exclusive federal trademark for the related candy images and branding, we are not permitted to display items that might infringe on their trademark.

For more information on the Mars Marks and trademarks held by said company, please click here.


Do you offer Individually Colored M&M’s ® in the peanut variety?



Do you offer repackaging?

In order to preserve integrity and quality, we do not sell in units other than factory sealed bags.  

Further, we do not offer custom mixes but would be happy to discuss how best to do this.


Do you offer quantity discounts or wholesale pricing on Individually Colored M&M’s ®?

We do not offer wholesale pricing on these products regardless of quantity purchased.

Further, these products do not quality for Free Shipping although we strive to provide a fair shipping price based on the weight of the products ordered.


Are Individually Colored M&M’s ® fragile?

As with any chocolate candy, these candies are susceptible to heat and damage from excessive handling.

We recommend the purchase of a hard sided thermo case for protection and encourage customers to consider expedited delivery when shipping into warm weather areas. For more information on Hot Weather Shipping, please click here.

Should questions arise, we encourage you to contact us, toll free, at (888) 525-7577 or by clicking here.

Although we are an independent reseller of this product, we greatly respect the manufacturer’s trademark and exclusivity of product and make no claims to affiliation or sponsorship either implied or imagined.

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