I want to have a wedding candy buffet. How much candy should I order?

Martha Stewart Weddings
Summer 2009

The display is the most important element – to make guests feel like a kid in a candy store, you’ll need a colorful, abundant array.  “The more candy you have, the better it is going to look,” says Jon H.PrincePresident of CandyFavorites.com. “So have eight to ten varieties on hand even for a small wedding.”

Once you choose your candy, pull out a calculator and factor in the number of guests. Six ounces of candy per person is a reasonable place to start – it’s enough to fill a small gift bag. But guests will eat some during the reception so be sure you buy enough to completely fill all the containers you plan to use and decide whether you will want to refill them.

Since candies vary in density, keep in mind that you may need to order different amounts of each to fill the same size container.  For example, a one gallon bowl holds either eight pounds of jelly beans, five and a half pounds of malted-milk balls or three pounds of wrapped taffy.  If you include individual candies, such as pinwheel lollipops, order enough for three quarters of the party as not everyone will want one. And summer brides beware: Chocolate melts!

In order to keep costs down, wait until dessert is served to set up the bar. Otherwise, you’ll need five times as much candy. Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas events in New York City says it’s smartest to treat the candy in a candy buffet as both dessert and favor; you get good value for your dollar and guests love having a treat to bring home.

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