Mars Marks

Please note that is not an authorized reseller of M&M’s ® Chocolate Candies and does not purchase product directly from the manufacturer.

However, the product is guaranteed to be one hundred (100) percent authentic and is shipped in factory sealed bags so as not to interfere with it’s integrity or quality.

As such, we are not affiliated, co-sponsored or endorsed by M&M Mars in any capacity and no inferences should be made either imagined or implied.

Please note that M&M Mars exclusively owns the trademarks and copyright registrations worldwide for the marks M&M’s, M,M inside a circleM&M’s Colorworks and Colorworks including US Trademark Registrations Nos. 2,406181, 2,575,401 and 2,176,965 for M&M’s, 418,322, 2,315,466, 2,282,602 for M, 2,391,309 for M inside a circle, 2,586,207 forM&M’s Colorworks and 2,103,537 for Colorworks.

Collectively, these are known as the “Mars Marks” and we make no inference, either imagined or implied, as to any ownership as they are exclusive property of M&M Mars

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