Christmas Candy Selections - 2013

Christmas Candy Canes

2013 CHRISTMAS CANDY SELECTION has been serving candy lovers since 1927 with one of the world's largest selections of traditional Christmas candies and holiday candy novelties. Each year, we work hard to stock America's most beloved old-fashioned candies, as well as the latest in fun novely treats for kids. In keeping with our long-standing tradition, CandyFavorites is proud to offer a full selection of holiday candy in all shapes and sizes.

Below is a listing of seasonal products for the 2013 year-end holiday season. Please note that products are available on a “first come, first served” basis, though some selections are available year round. If you have specific questions about an item or inventory level, we encourage you to contact us toll free at (888) 525-7577 or through our customer service page.

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We have more Brach's Christmas candies this year, and they include several varieties of Brach's Christmas Nougats!

Please note that quantities are limited. Once we are sold out, these candies will not be available until the following year.



Candy Canes are in short supply this year. We strongly encourage you to place your order early, especially for the classic sizes. If you are interested in delaying your shipment until closer to the holiday, please feel free to leave a note in the "Notes" section at checkout, or contact us.

Please note that the classic candy cane sizes are highlighted in BOLD.

Please note that candy canes are extremely fragile. We encourage you to choose expedited shipping and/or a hard-sided thermo case to protect your purchase.

If you need large quantities, please contact us for information on availability and delivery.


All seasonal bulk candy is sold in units as indicated in the product description. If desired, we can divide and custom package these products in larger or smaller weight units after purchase, but we do not sell products in less than described weights.

Despite the closure of Peerless Candy Co., in August 2007, we have been able to source classic Christmas candies, such as Filled Peanuts and Raspberries, that many feared would never be seen again.

Please note that all of our bulk candy, wrapped, unwrapped or seasonal, can be custom packaged to exact specifications. We encourage you to learn more about our custom packaging program.

Christmas Bulk Candy - Unwrapped  


Hard Candy



Christmas Bulk Candy - Wrapped