1990's Retro Candy

1990's Retro Candy
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At CandyFavorites, we prize ourselves on our retro candy selections. While you may still think of the 1990’s as if they happened just a few hours ago, we are sorry to say that the decade is well on its way to becoming fossilized in time.

Sure, some people define decades by historical events or scientific contributions, but here at CandyFavorites, we define decades by the candy that they engendered, and we praise the 1990’s for bringing us several of our favorites.

While the 90’s witnessed the birth of Dolly, the first cloned animal in history, we remember that they brought us the Reese's Nutrageous candy bar and Dubble Bubble Painterz Gumballs, bubble gum balls that paint your mouth. Now that’s real innovation. Of course the 90’s also brought us stem cell research, reality television, and Nelson Mandella’s release from prison, but we would like to add Candy Blox and Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks to this list of very important things.

Let our selection of candy from the 1990’s take you back. Where exactly will that be for you? Have fun.

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