Marshmallow Peeps

Marshmallow Peeps
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Everybody knows about Marshmallow Peeps, right? But how many know that in the early 20th Century, when the confections were new, each one used to take nearly 30 hours to make, by hand?

Thank goodness creator Sam Born figured out a way to produce them much more quickly, because these are one of the most popular candy items sold, especially during Easter.

In case you were wondering, Marshmallow Peeps were first mass produced in 1957 and the first color was Yellow which remains one of their best sellers!  Find out more about this soft, pillowy confection at our history page.

We carry the classic Peeps in a variety of vibrant pastel colors as well as the new and totally delicious Dark Chocolate Covered and Milk Chocolate Covered Peeps!.

And just in case you need for us to tell you, it’s perfectly acceptable (encouraged, even) to order these anytime. You can’t always be expected to wait for a holiday and some even claim that Marshmallow Peeps get better with time much like a bottle of fine wine.  We leave this decision up to you...

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