Sugar Free Gum

Sugar Free Gum
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Not only is sugarfree gum a great way to eliminate extra sugar in your diet, but it also helps prevent tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association. That makes sugarfree gum an asset, not just a substitute.

You owe it to your teeth and your dentist to stock up on sugarfree gum (the ADA recommends chewing it for 20 minutes after meals), and we have a huge selection from which you can choose, and it includes all the favorites like Extra, Orbit, Freedent, Hubba Bubba, Eclipse, Dentyne, Five Rain, Stride, Trident, and more.

So take good care of your choppers and get sparkly fresh breath in the process! Oh, that’s a win-win scenario. And rest assured that we can have your order on its way to you faster than your dentist can fire up his or her drill.

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