Chips and Snacks

Chips and Snacks
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This page is our chips and snacks toolbox. Whatever you need to get your snack attack going, we have it.

Need something crunchy and salty to do the job? We have Doritos, Fritos, Gardetto’s Assorted Snack Em’s, and Andy Capp Cheddar Fries. If salty and sweet works better for you, then try the Cracker Jack or Fritos Honey BBQ Twists.

We also have popcorn, animal crackers, Power Bars, Slim Jim, Hostess goodies, fruit snacks, and plenty more so you can fill your toolbox (by which we mean cupboard) and have it ready to fix any snack emergency that might arise. We take snack emergencies seriously around here and we think you should, too.

Please note that due to certain distributor's restrictions, some Chips & Snacks, as noted in the individual product descriptions, do not qualify for Flat Rate Economy Shipping or Free Shipping, but can easily be shipped via UPS Ground.

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