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LifeSavers, one America's great classic candies, were introduced in 1912 by Ohio chocolate maker Clarence Crane whose simple goal was to create a candy that wouldn’t melt as an alternative to chocolate during the summer.  Little did he know that in the process, he would create one of the best selling breath mints in history and that chocolate would become his secondary business. Necessity is the mother of invention...

Their original name, Cranes Peppermint LifeSavers, was inspired by the fact that the miniature candies resembled life preservers, which were a focal point of many discussions after the Titanic sank (also in 1912). Although the inspiration may be long gone save for a blockbuster movie or two, Lifesavers continue to have a hole in the middle.  As the old saying goes, " if it ain't broke, don't fix it..."

Since their introduction, LifeSavers have evolved into more than a dozen different varieties including LifeSaver Candy Canes, Gummi LifeSavers, LifeSavers Gummi Sours, Butter Rum and Tropical Fruit flavors, and more included Wrapped Lifesavers which are oh so hard to find and perfect for a myriad of applications.

If you need a little life saving, you're in the right place. We hear your SOS.

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