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If you are familiar with Altoids, the favorite "curiously strong" mints, you know they pack a minty punch unmatched by any other. Altoids are the heavy-weight champ when it comes to fresh breath.

Shop here for your own favorite Altoids tins to carry with you to ensure that you remain dashingly minty anytime. We carry all the flavors, including Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Cool Honey, and we also have the Altoids Smalls, which despite their diminutive size are just as "curiously strong" as their larger counterparts. Altoids Smalls are perfect for pockets and purses since the tin is about a quarter of the size of regular Altoids tins.

We think empty Altoids tins are useful for storing things like paper clips and buttons, so match that with the minty glory of the Altoids themselves and you've got real value (we get excited by life's little things).

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