Fun Size Candy

Fun Size Candy
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We have no idea why they call it fun size candy, but we do agree that small can be a fun size. It works for baby toes and puppies, so why not mini candy? You can toss it into pockets, into handbags, into the candy dish on the counter and add a little sweetness to your day anytime (or to somebody else’s).

With nearly 70 different kinds of fun size candy to select from below, you can get your fun size fill of mini chocolate bars and mini candy in small packages with just a few clicks.

We have all the favorites like Hershey’s, Jelly Belly, Laffy Taffy, and Junior Mints, and retro classics, too, like Chick O Sticks, Mary Janes, and Clark Bars. Whichever fun size you choose, we know you’ll have fun.

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