Edible Insects

Edible Insects
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If you’ve clicked on this Edible Insects page, then you have an adventurous spirit, and we like that about you. Welcome to the club for the brave, the individualists, the mold-breakers. 

Our insect candy below covers a wide range, from chocolate insects to worms in lollipops. Some of our edible insects are novelties, like the Edible Ant Farm and Scorpion Lollipops, but others are true delicacies in some countries, like chocolate dipped grasshoppers and BBQ worm snacks. 

Insect candy makes shockingly fun gifts for kids, so include a variety in your next birthday party favor bags or stick a Cricket Lickit Lollipop in the bow on packages. Adults might love the Tequila Lollipop with a real earthworm inside, so get a few for your next poker night and see who’s game.

If you are just window shopping for edible insects, that’s good, too, because we have plenty to see here. Just remember to come back and shop for your friends who need a little adventure. Chocolate insects are cheaper than a ticket to Bora Bora, after all.
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