Candy Cigarettes

Candy Cigarettes
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There's nothing funnier than kids with cigarettes. Kidding, of course. But we at Candy Favorites do love retro candy, and candy cigarettes are one of the great classics from years past. We have candy cigarettes in packs that look like the cigarette brands from decades gone by, like Lucky Strike, which are fun stocking stuffers for men or cool props for costume parties. We have chocolate candy cigarettes, as well, which are also much more fun to eat than smoke.

Looking for bubble gum cigars? We have those, too! We have It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl candy cigars. as well as chocolate candy cigars. Just make sure you get enough to share with everybody.

For our more refined customers to savor in quiet moments, we carry Licorice Pipes. See? We have all your fake smoking needs covered.

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