Twix Bars

Twix Bars
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Twix are for kids, not silly rabbits. Oops, that refers to Trix Cereal and this section is devoted to Twix Candy Bars so let’s start again.

 Twix Bars have an unusual history – what candy bar doesn’t - as they were first introduced in England in 1967 to popular acclaim as they were amongst the first chocolate covered cookie candy bars which, forty years ago, was a rarity.

You would think that their success would have immediately trickled “across the pond” to our shores but bear in mind that in 1967, long distance phone calls were a rarity and the internet wasn’t even thought of. The only way you could experience one was if you were lucky enough to have a friend or relative stash a few in their luggage.

Fast forward 12 year to 1979 when this candy bar was introduced in the United States reminding us that “all good things come to those who wait.”

Did you ever wonder why Twix Bars are always sold in pairs? If so, allow us to put you mind at ease as the name of this delicious chocolate covered cookie bar is an amalgamation of the two words – twin sticks.

We offer Twix Bars in a variety of different flavors so why not stock up and share a few with your friends as, after all; there are two pieces of candy per package.

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