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As the slogan says, “Snickers Satisfies” and after your first bite, we know you will agree. After all, Snickers is the best selling candy bar in the world and the world is a mighty large place. According to M&M Mars, Snickers accounts for over $2 billion dollars a year in sales!

As lore states, in the 1930’s, the candy bar was named in in honor of a winning race horse named Snickers who obviously satisfied the Mars Family. If the thoroughbred had less of a winning streak, this candy bar may have never come in existence. Scary thought.

We have carried Snickers Bars in a variety of delicious shapes, flavors and sizes for over 70 years and it was one of the first count good products that we offered. During the holidays, we carry Snickers Pumpkins and other unique twists.

Whether you favor the original consisting of peanut packed nougat enrobed in rich milk chocolate or want something with stronger peanut butter taste, look no further. In the event that you are looking for a Mars Bar, you probably won’t find the brand offered in the United States - they are sold exclusively in the United Kingdom -  but we will share a secret and that is that the Snicker Almonds Bar is the exact same candy in a different wrapper.

The Rolling Stones may have said, “I can’t get no satisfaction” and to take a twist on another of their lyrics, we are proud to offer an alternative where satisfaction is only a bite away.

Unwrap more history behind this famous candy bar here!

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