Clark Bars

Clark Bars
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There is something about a hometown advantage that makes a product or sports team near and dear to your heart and we surely have that feeling towards Clark Bars which were originally manufactured in McKeesport, Pennsylvania just a few blocks away from our warehouse.

The company had been producing candy since 1886 but a prototype of the beloved Clark Bar wasn’t introduced until 1917. As you probably guessed, the owner of the company’s last name was Clark and unbeknownst to him when he offered his first honeycomb and peanut butter bar, an East Coast legend was born who will soon be celebrating their 95th birthday!

Later, the company moved to Pittsburgh, PA and it was all but impossible to drive through the city and not see their famous neon sign which was as much an icon of Pittsburgh as the ubiquitous Steelers logo. The company is no longer located in Pittsburgh but the sign remains as a tourist attraction.

Over the years the brand has changed hands quite a few times and is now owned by New England Confectionary Company – yes, the manufacturers of Necco Wafers – but one thing remains constant and that is that Clark Bars are a delicious snack and a true rarity once you go West of the Mississippi.

 Should you be wondering, Necco DID change the formula to All Natural in 2010 but changed it back to the beloved original in 2011 which is a true example of the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…”

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