Kits Taffy

Kits Taffy
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Kits Taffy is one of those elusive “penny candies” that hasn’t cost a penny in years but continues to be as delicious as it was in 1924, when it was first enjoyed by our grandparents.

Rewind about 80 years and let’s begin our journey in the bucolic town of Johnson City, NY, where a company called Fair Play Caramels rolled out delightfully colored square packages of flavored caramels with a suggested retail of a penny.

With three small caramels per package, Kits were instantly a hit. Over the years, thanks to inflation and rising production costs, the cost slowly crept to a nickel and then later a dime. After a good run exceeding 60 years, the rights to Kits Taffy were sold in 1990 to the hard candy manufacturer Gilliam and were later licensed to the now defunct Sophie Mae Company (best known for their peanut brittle).

Georgia Nut Company was next to produce Kits Taffy, having acquired the rights through their purchase of Sophie Mae. They decided to halt production due to -- you guessed it -- rising production costs.

A company called Warrell purchased the brand in 2009 but their run was short lived, and they sold the rights to Runk Candy Company who continue to produces these delicious taffies (as well as BB Bats) on new more efficient machinery, using the same “old school” recipe as when they were first introduced.

Six owners and over 88 years later, Kits Taffy, available in a variety of flavors, continues to be one of our most sought-after retro candies. It's only right, thanks to their nostalgic staying power and great taste!

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