Brach's Butter Toffee

Brach's Butter Toffee
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Brach’s Butter Toffee is a chewy, yet melt in your mouth ,butter toffeethat candy lovers will go to great lengths to acquire and we should know as we once shipped a case of Brach’s Special Treasures Butter Toffee to a member of an Middle Eastern Royal Family. Don’t ask what the shipping cost was and, miraculously, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. it arrived in perfect condition!

Available in three delicious flavors, every piece of Brach’s Special Treasures Toffee is made using fresh cream and real butter. Few manufacturers can make such a claim which is why this remains our best selling butter toffee candy and has been for many years!

Our favorite is the Special Treasures Coffee Toffee which comes in an assortment of Amaretto, French Vanilla and Irish Cream… sans alcohol of course.

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