Brachs Holiday Candy

Brachs Holiday Candy
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Holidays and tradition go hand in hand, which is why we created a special section exclusively for Brach’s holiday candy, making it easy for you to gather all of your seasonal favorites with just a few clicks.

We have Brach’s Easter candy, where you will find the famous Brach’s Fiesta Eggs, Spiced Jelly Beans, and plenty more to fill Easter baskets and plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts.

Our Brach’s Christmas candy selection has all of your favorite Yuletide classics, with pretty colors and festive wrappers to add joy to all of your holiday gatherings. Let us remind you that Brach’s Villa Cherries make great gifts!

And don’t forget that Brach’s Halloween candy is perfect for any fall occasion, too, with the pretty mix of fall colors and flavors, like caramel apple and maple.  

Where ever we are on the calender, Candy Favorites is the place to shop for all the candy you need to help make each holiday special. The holidays come and go, but the memories stay.  

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