Brach's Fruit Chews

Brach's Fruit Chews
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If you're familiar with the Brach's brand, you probably know that they've nailed the ideal flavors of caramel, mint, and chocolatey malt. But there's not much rest for the tireless taste creators over at Brach's. As long as new frontiers of flavor remain unperfected, we imagine they'll keep developing products that push the boundaries of sweet yet simple indulgences.

Many companies over the years have ventured into the realm of fruit flavor. But staying true to the pursuit of genuinely great taste, Brach's has remained undaunted. They may have finally arrived at a few perfect methods for combining cherry, orange, and assorted fruit flavors with a chewy texture. These bright, gummy chews deliver fabulous fruit flavors in a delectable, soft, chew-inducing candy. 

Mandarin Orange Slices and Sour Cherry Gels may seem very different in the details. What all the candies in this category have in common is their fruity perfection, their good-for-all-ages status, and Brach's relentless commitment to quality. 

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