Toffee Candy

Toffee Candy
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Toffee candy fans are some of the most loyal, and it’s not surprising considering the sweet, mellow taste of this age-old classic.

Butter Toffee individually wrapped is ready for your candy dish at home or the office (you’ll be everybody’s favorite coworker with these on your desk).

We have more toffee candy favorites like Skor bars, Brach’s Special Treasures Butter Toffee, Brach's International Coffee Toffee, and Brach's Chocolate Butter Toffee.

For those who just can’t decide, we have assortments available as well as real scorpions in encased in chewy toffee.  We can comofrtably say that the toffee tastes delicious but as for how the Scorpions taste, we will leave that up to you to decide.

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