Hot & Spicy Candy

Hot & Spicy Candy
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Hello, hot stuff. You must be looking for hot candy. Well, brace yourself and get a glass of cool water, because you found it. Lots of it.

Our cinnamon candy packs heat, and if you dare, try Jelly Belly Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears. Need more red hot candy? Try our Jalapeno Lollipops, made with real jalapeno peppers. We also have all of your other hot candy favorites, like Warheads Extreme Sour Candy, Atomic Fireballs, Hot Tamales, and other cinnamon candy.

We have hot and spicy snacks, too, like Snyders BBQ Potato Chips and Jalapeno Potato Chips, Hot and Spicy Peanuts, and Andy Capp Hot Fries.

Make sure your fire insurance premium is paid before diving into your hot candy and spicy snack stash. Just sayin.’

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