Grape Candy

Grape Candy
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We are excited to talk about our grape candy selection because it gives us an opportunity to say, “We have Alexander the Grape!” We just never get tired of that. Alexander the Grape was the original name for Grapeheads, which you will find below, along with Grape Laffy Taffy, Grape Bubblicious, and Grape Big League Chew.

Remember Big League Chew? Bubblicious? These classics in the bubble gum industry are still fun today, and you can still blow big grape-flavored bubbles for hours. How long has it been since you’ve done that?

Whether you put Bubblicious, Laffy Taffy, or grape Rock Candy in your cart, when it comes to grape candy, you’ll have no sour grapes when you shop with us. Oh, and did we mention that we have Alexander the Grape? (Couldn’t help it.)

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