Silver Candy

Silver Candy
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Browse our silver candy selection to find delicious treats that will sparkle in the candy dish, in candy gift baskets, or in little palms. 

Silver wrapped candy is perfect for mixing and matching with just about anything since it adds an elegant touch, and most of our items are ideal for silver wedding candy, like silver chocolate hearts, silver pearl gumballs, silver Hershey Kisses, and Silver Coated Amorini Hearts.

If you are not interested in adding elegance to anything and your needs are, in fact, much simpler, you might want to try saving all of the foil from silver Hershey Kisses to make a giant silver ball. It’s fun, not elegant at all, and can get really big, really fast. Plus, it gives you a great excuse for eating mounds of chocolate.

Whether you are shopping for silver wrapped candy or looking for a little sparkle for any other special purpose, you’ve come to the right place. When you find your perfect candy favorites, don’t forget to leave reviews.

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