Purple Crow Kids

Purple Crow Kids
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They say a purple cow stands out. Well, this is Purple Crow, and their products are sure to stand out in the memory of any youngster you give them to.

These larger-than-life treats pack a whole lot of fun into an eye-popping (sometimes literally) plastic package. Purple Crow Kids doesn't just make candy with a free toy inside. They make toys your kids will want to keep and refill -- that have the bonus of sugary sweets inside. They'll bring tons of excitement to a themed birthday party, or keep your kids busy in the car for hours.

There are action figures, musical monkeys, quirky characters, and soccer stars. There are planes, trains, and automobiles that really go, cell phones that sing, and skulls with arms that play the drums (of course!). For the little kids, don't forget puzzles, noisemakers, dinos, and ponies.

Purple Crow Kids novelty treats are perfect for rewarding kids who have been really well behaved. Just keep in mind that if you give them one, they'll want to collect them all!

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