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May 26, 2009 by

Candy, it can be chewy or crunch, sour or sweet, gummy or hard, it can be any color, any shape, any thing. I’m Becca, I’m 19 and just like you, I’m a candy lover. I am going to eat, rate, research, and write blogs about candies from to help you decide what candies to buy.

Before I start the candy munching there are a few things that I want to share with you about candy. Throughout my years of candy eating I have learned something that every candy lover should know. Candy is meant to be shared. Along with most things in life, candy is just better when it is enjoyed with others. Candy bags are made as big as they are for a reason, and it isn’t so that you can stuff your face. Share with anyone and everyone, because who doesn’t like candy? This will also make the candy more enjoyable for you personally because instead of gorging yourself, you can enjoy the candy in moderation. Well with that in mind I’m going to start my blogging and I hope that means that you will start your reading of my blogging, and of course munching down on some candy.

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