Warning: Take Liquor Lickers in Moderation

March 18, 2007 by


I spent the past five days in utter bliss. I left the blizzards of Pittsburgh behind and baked poolside in 90 degree weather in Acapulco, Mexico. The best part of my trip? The open bar, where I was able to sip Strawberry Daiquiris and Bahama Mamas all day and all night long.

You can only imagine my rude awakening when I walked out of the doors of Pittsburgh International Airport. Not only was it snowing, but the weather forecast warns us to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day indoors! I watched my golden tan fade away as I rotted indoors, and fervently wished there was a way for me to bring back the Mexico sun.

Thankfully I found a way to bring a small piece of Acapulco back with me. Liquor Lickers! We’ve all seen chocolates with a liquor center. I, for one, have never really enjoyed them. However, Liquor Lickers are different. They are lollipops with a fun-flavored alcoholic beverage that you can taste all throughout. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors: Margarita, Butter Rum, and Pina Colada. You’ll never get bored with these.

Since I can’t bring back a piece of that sun, at least I have the memories of the open bar to appease me. Go on and enjoy! Let’s pretend the summer days are here.

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