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Wax Sticks Aren’t Among the Best Picks

January 4, 2010 by
Wax Syrup Sticks are a true retro classic....and can be a bit messy too!

Wax Syrup Sticks are a true retro classic....and can be a bit messy too!

Sharability: 8

Denture Danger: 5

Convenience: 7

Novelty: 9

Overall: 6

This wax vial filled with a sugary liquid has an oddly popular appeal to little kids (at least they did to me when I was little).  After all these years, when I attempted to transfer the liquid from the vile to my mouth, I had a small deal of trouble. I bit off the top and tried to drink it out like it was a straw, that didn’t work.

 I tried to pour it into my mouth, that didn’t work. This liquid was just reluctant to let me taste it. Then I figured it out. After you pull or bite off the end here is the best way to taste the neon sugar water. Starting at the opposite end, squeeze the wax together forcing the liquid to be pushed into your mouth.

For all the effort it takes to access the liquid you only get a tiny taste of colored sugar water that is only mildly satisfying. 

What my brothers and I found more fun as kids than the liquid itself was chewing on the wax. Chewing on the wax is satisfying for the first few chews, but then the wax starts to get stuck in your teeth and on your teeth and wax acts as a coating and the more you try to get it off the more stuck it seems to get.

The wax soda pop bottle is the same exact idea but the marketing is a little more advanced than this simple vile. This candy is more popular for the idea than the taste, so if that’s the kind of fun you like to have, by all means coat your teeth with wax and enjoy the mild gratification you get out of wax sticks.