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Laffy Taffy and Nerds are a changin’

June 29, 2009 by

News Flash

Laffy Taffy Bulk Candy

Laffy Taffy Bulk Candy

We all know that candy lovers can be a fickle lot and resistant to change especially when it affects a tried and true candy favorite

We  have been informed of the following , from the good folk’s at Nestles, makers of many of America’s favorite sweets that two of their best selling bulk candy items are changing their product mix.

Nerds Bulk will be changing their mix to include Strawberry which will be replacing Apple – Coated Watermelon.  The good news is that Lemonade Wild Cherry will continue

Laffy Taffy will also be changing their flavors. Grape and Strawberry didn’t make the cut and the new mix will consist exclusively of Apple, Banana and Cherry

We hope that this information will sweeten your day and, hopefully, allow you to rest easier…

As Bob Dylan once sang, “time’s they are a changin’….”