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Lights, Camera . . . Candy!

July 21, 2017 by

“There’s an electrical thing about movies.”  — Oliver Stone

Grab your tub of buttered popcorn and your ice cold pop because we’re going to see what candy debuted in some famous movies and TV shows. So “Here’s looking at you kid,” as you find your seat, sit back and relax as the curtain opens to some blockbuster candy treats that made their name on the silver as well as the small screen.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Reese's Pieces“E.T. phone home” for some delicious Reese’s Pieces. You all remember the scene when Elliott lures E.T. with this orange, brown and yellow coated peanut butter candy. But did you know that Steven Spielberg originally approached Mars Inc. to use M&Ms in the movie? Unfortunately Mars Inc. declined and that’s when Hershey stepped in and Reese’s Pieces were chosen to star in this block-buster film. Sales of Reese’s Pieces rose 65% after the film was released in 1982. Another interesting fact: Foley Artist John Roesch said he used a wet T-shirt crammed with jello to simulate the noise of E.T.’s waddling walk.

Laffy Taffy Bulk CandyWreck-It Ralph

When Wreck-It Ralph came to the big screen in 2012, candy was seen in an entirely different light. The candy world, Sugar Rush, featured in the movie, was an island completely made of candy and had everything from Mentos stalactites to Diet Cola Mountain, to Laffy Taffy vines, to peppermint racing wheels and candy cane forests.

Early Films

Hershey's Chocolate Bar

  • In the 1927 film, Wings, there was a plug for Hershey’s chocolate.
  • Fritz Lang’s1931 film, M had a banner ad for Wrigley’s Chewing Gum.
  • In the Marx Brothers 1932 film, Horse Feathers, Thelma Todd’s character falls out of a canoe and yells for a “life saver.” Groucho Marx responds by tossing her a Life Savers candy.

gummi bears


One of my favorite episodes is when Jon Lovitz guest stars as Steve, a food critic and while waiting for Monica’s tartlets to be done, grabs a bag of Gummi Bears and hides them in his jacket. Monica grabs them and they fall into her soup. “Bears overboard, quick grab onto these Sugar O’s!” Steve yells.

Aside from his favorite sandwich, Joey likes Hershey Chocolate bars. Hey it’s Joey, He loves eating period.

Mike and Molly

“Nielsen called a scene in an episode of CBS’ Mike & Molly of Mike eating M&M’s in Carl’s apartment 2013’s best branded and opinion-shifting product integration in a scripted show.”


junior mintIn season four, there was an episode called The Junior Mints. Jerry and Kramer witnessed the surgery of Elaine’s friend Roy. Jerry wouldn’t take Junior Mints from Kramer and somehow Kramer dropped them into the patient. The chocolate covered mints were also included in many conversations between the main characters. Kramer says “Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint: it’s delicious!”

So don’t be a Slo Poke, or Snicker as I Take 5 and go looking for Mr. Goodbar. Whether you’ll be sitting in front of the big screen or chillin’ as a coach potato, I wish you a Whopper of a good time and Zero days without candy!

“Life is short, make it sweet!”

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Taste the Fresh and See the Glow With Wint-O-Green Lifesavers

November 18, 2009 by
Life Savers Wint-0-Green

Life Savers Wint-0-Green

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 9 (if you aren’t just using it as a breath mint)

Convenience: 10

Novelty: 6

Overall: 9

Wint-O-Green Lifesavers are more than just a sweet wintergreen taste-bud-tingler, and they are more than just a breath mint, this candy is a science lesson.

If you take these lifesavers into a pitch-black room (a bathroom usually works the best) you can watch science in action. I find it works best with a friend because then you can share the feeling of amazement, but it also works if you are by yourself and look in the mirror.

In the darkened room chew the lifesaver with your mouth open and if you get the right crunch your friend will see sparks of blue light making your mouth glow.

The reason you see these sparks is because of an effect called triboluminescence. Triboluminescence is emission of light as a result of something being crushed or torn, in this case, crystalline sugars. When the candy is crushed electrons are released and these electrons collide with nitrogen molecules in the air, which causes a vibration that results in an ultraviolet spark.

The ultraviolet light that is produced is mostly non-visible, but a small amount is visible which is why sometimes other sugar candies create faint sparks when you bite into them.

The Wint-O-Green lifesaver creates a bright flash because the flavoring, methyl salicylate (a.k.a. wintergreen oil), is florescent. We don’t have to go into wavelengths and all that, but basically the wintergreen oil absorbs the ultraviolet (invisible) light and takes it over, emitting sparks of visible blue light. Crazy, isn’t it? So, before you plop one of these minty sweet lifesavers into your mouth just for the mere taste, share one with a friend, turn off the lights, and show them the magic of science.