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The Solo: Hershey’s Originial, The Duet: Hershey’s Almond, and the Orchestra: Hershey’s Symphony

December 18, 2009 by
Hershey's provides many options to create a true chocolate symphony

Hershey’s provides many options to create a true chocolate symphony

Sharability: 4

Denture Danger: 4

Convenience: 5

Novelty: 10

Overall: 10

Milton Hershey, Lancaster Pennsylvania, 1894. This is where it all went down. Originally, Milton Hershey wanted to create a sweet chocolate to cover his caramels, so he created the Hershey Chocolate Company. This was a time when only the wealthy could afford to enjoy the luxury of chocolate and Hershey wanted to change that. He set out to create a chocolate that everyone could afford. He had access to large amounts of fresh milk by locating his operation was in the center of dairy country and with the mass production of the chocolate he was able to create the inexpensive chocolate. In 1900 the famous milk chocolate bar was created. And eight years later the solo became a duet with the almond Hershey’s.

It’s been 100 years and Hershey’s is still an American favorite. It has almost fourteen thousand employees exporting to 90 countries.

The original Hershey’s milk chocolate bar is no doubt an amazing candy by itself, but I’ve always associated the bar with s’mores. For those of you who have been living in a box for your whole life, a s’more is a sandwich with a marshmallow (usually roasted over a fire) and chocolate in between two squares of graham crackers. This sticky, melty mess is one of the most delicious taste treats ever invented by man. (It is also delicious if you spread peanut butter over the graham crackers).

The Hershey’s with almonds was my grandma’s favorite candy. She didn’t have much of an explanation for it besides that it was that delicious Hershey’s milk chocolate with a crunch.

Then there’s the Hershey’s symphony bar. I’m only assuming it was named after the Hershey Symphony Orchestra in Pennsylvania. The different flavors of almonds, toffee, and chocolate create for a symphony of tastes. They both add an extra crunch while the toffee adds a significant sweetness, which drown out the almond. I think I prefer the solo of the original Hershey’s and even the duet of the Hershey almonds over the symphony; not to say it isn’t delicious.