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Earth Day Nostalgic Candy Winners

April 24, 2012 by

Thanks to everyone for sharing your memories! Since nostalgic retro candy is one of our favorite topics, this was a particularly fun contest. We hope that you’ll share your candy anecdotes with us any time they cross your mind. But now that the deadline for submissions has passed, it’s time to announce some winners. So without further ado…

The winners of the Earth Day Candy Giveaway are:

Nicole (who misses Peanut Butter Bars)
Katherine (who loves tiny Chiclets)

Winners will be notified by email or personal Facebook message, depending on how they submitted their entries. (Nicole and Katherine, watch for a message from Jessica!)

Some things we learned:

  • Seasonal candy is great for building memories.
  • Changing the classic formula of a candy is probably worse than just discontinuing it.
  • Many people would rather pay more for their favorite candies than see them disappear.
  • Brach’s Candy has brought a lot of people a lot of happiness — but also some heartache.
  • Many of the candies believed to be extinct are still available! Check out our Retro Candy section
    before you give up the search for your favorite vintage candies.
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Earth Day Candy Giveaway

April 21, 2012 by

Earth Day is all about saving, and we think it’s important to save your favorite candies from extinction. Over the years, so many delicious, ingenious candies have gone the way of the dinosaurs. We can’t take our favorite candy for granted, or we may never see it again.

In the spirit of conservation, we’re giving away some great nostalgic candy prizes. It’s our way of spreading the love of retro candies and making sure that future generations get to enjoy the same flavors we savor today.

To enter, share your favorite memory of an already extinct candy. Or tell us about the candy you believe should be saved for posterity. Just leave your story in the comments on this post to enter. We’ll announce the winners early next week!

Don’t forget to do your part for the planet. Buy online to save gas. And always dispose of your wrappers responsibly.

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For the Love of Mother Nature, We Bring You: Chocolate Earth Balls

May 20, 2010 by
Chocolate Earth Balls

Chocolate Earth Balls are a celebration of chocolate and the planet!

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 5

Convenience: 9

Novelty: 9

Overall: 9

 Although posted a bit late, in the spirit of Earth Day which falls in April,  these earth chocolate balls are just perfect as they are for everyday snacking.

But, you think to yourself, earth day has passed, thus so has my desire for these earth balls. And that is where you are wrong, my friend. I have recently realized that the celebration of the earth is not just one day, it is not just one week, or one month, or one year, but every day is Earth Day, every moment is Earth Moment, for if the earth did not exist, neither would we.

 So my fine people, I call to you to spread the love of the earth. Let these earth balls be a catalyst to conversation about our earth and Mother Nature and everything she has done for us and continues to do for us. And maybe, just maybe we can turn our destructive cycle of living into a productive one, and thus make our earth, the only planet we know of that supports life (our life), sustainable. On a sustainable planet future generations will have the opportunity and the joy to experience the wonders of nature that we have taken for granted for so many years.

 Happy Earth Life.