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Christmas Candies In Your Kitchen

December 12, 2016 by

Christmas is on its way! And if you’re like many people, that means holiday baking is in full swing. There is something so magical about baking during the most wonderful time of the year. The sights and smells are just too good! And the temptation to eat everything before it gets out the door to your nearest and dearest is challenging, indeed.

While candy may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of holiday baking, it very well could be! After all, nothing takes a treat from good to great quite like the addition of a few candy pieces! Around here, we’re partial to the ones that have been gracing our tables for a few decades, and we have a feeling that you might be, too.

While the latest and greatest treats are fun for enjoying on their own, when it comes to holiday baking, we put our faith in only the most tried and tested candies we can get our hands on. What can we say? We’re big fans of tradition. And if that sounds like you, too, then you’ll want to keep reading. Because we’re about to serve up some of our favorite classic candies, and the many ways you can enjoy them, this holiday season.

candy canes.jpgA blog post about Christmas candy that did not mention the beloved candy cane should not be trusted! But, joking aside, this is one treat that has been gracing Christmas-loving taste buds for centuries. While you can always take the traditional route and hang them on your tree, we like to be a little more inventive.

You can crush them up into your peppermint bark, use them as a stirrer for your hot chocolate, or stick them into a cut lemon for a sweet and sour treat. The candy cane is one ingredient that keeps on giving, so get creative!

Because everyone knows and loves the power of the Hershey’s Kiss, it only makes sense to bring it out in full force during the holiday season. We especially enjoy using Hershey’s kisses in our cookies, for an added chocolatey boost. But, you can also use them to adorn your gingerbread houses, or melt them down into rich, homemade hot chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

And while we won’t recommend trying your hand at a fruitcake, we can highly recommend chocolate covered raisins, cranberry chocolate clusters, and chocolate cherry cordials, if you’re looking for a few chocolate-fruit combinations to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth.

So go ahead and fire up those ovens! We’re willing to bet that there’s a candy for every recipe on your list.

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The Somewhat Healthy Side of Candy: Raisinets

April 12, 2010 by
A rare box of Raisinets circa 1960

Raisinets have been around for quite some time and this box of chocolate covered raisins is from the late 1960's when the brand was owned by Ward Candy Company

Sharability: 8

Denture Danger: 6

Convenience: 7

Novelty: 9

Overall: 9

 California raisins, Nestlé milk chocolate, melty, chewy, sweet, fruity, Raisinets are a classic concession candy.

They are great for movies because you can make them last a long time by chewing and enjoying each one individually (and even letting some of your friends munch down a couple), and they are a silent candy and therefore won’t distract you from the movie and won’t distract your neighbors either.

Nestlé wants you to know that Raisinets are not just for movies anymore and I would agree, I ate a bag just for fun and it was great.

 The Blumenthal Chocolate Company originally introduced Raisinets in 1927; Nestlé took it over in 1984. Today you can check out the Raisinets channel on youtube and watch silly videos of cartoon Raisins pretending to be real people… mildly entertaining.

There’s a lot of ways to catch some rays, but none like Raisenets.