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Candy Blox: Build and Eat, it Can’t Be Beat

August 17, 2010 by
Candy Blox are just like Lego

Candy Blox are ideal for any budding architect or for anyone who enjoys playing with Lego's!

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 3

Convenience: 8

Novelty: 9

Overall: 7

 I know that one of my favorite activities as a child was building with LEGOs. With a box of LEGOs the possibilities were endless. You could make any type of house or boat or spaceship and play with it and modify it in any way. Now you can not only stack your LEGO shaped blocks, but you can eat them too!

 The blocks come in different colors and thus different flavors and they also come in different sizes and thus you can choose the size of the piece of candy you want without breaking or biting.

 I would be lying if I said that the candy’s taste matches up equally with how fun it is, but the sweet grainy sugar blocks are just not the greatest tasting candies. Each color has a distinct flavor and those flavors are entirely too sweet for my taste.

These candy blocks would make for a great birthday party activity for young kids. With a big bucket of these blocks, a room of kids could have the time of their lives. The blocks actually stick quite well together; the kids build their towers and after they have already gotten all of their germs and all of their friends’ germs all over their beautiful candy block tower they can call off the bulldozers and munch down on their creation.