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Butterfingers: Flaky, Fun, and Crispety

October 22, 2009 by
A vintage advertisement for Baby Ruth and Butterfingers Candy Bar advertisement from the "Golden Age" of candy when candy bars only cost $.05

A vintage advertisement for Baby Ruth and Butterfingers Candy Bar advertisement from the "Golden Age" of candy when candy bars only cost $.05

Sharability: 2
Denture Danger: 6
Convenience: 5
Novelty: 9
Overall: 9

 Nestlé’s Butterfingers are at the top of my favorite candy bar list. A Butterfinger is a “crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery” chocolate covered bar of a candy flaky peanut-butter flavored filling that resembles peanut brittle.

You probably aren’t going to want to share much of this candy bar, which will leave you with a lap full of crumbs and chunks of the peanut butter filling stuck in your teeth. Luckily those chunks will provide you with a little snack when you are craving a little more after you finish the bar.

The Curtiss Candy Company invented Butterfingers in 1923. The name was chosen in a public contest by a guy whose nickname was Butterfinger. That doesn’t sound like the most flattering nickname as a butterfinger usually describes someone who is clumsy, for example, a football player who can’t catch the ball. Butterfinger was bought by Nabisco and then by Nestlé in 1990 who currently advertises Butterfinger under the slogans, “Follow the Finger,” and “Break out of the Ordinary.”

Fun Facts:
From 1990 to 2001 The Simpsons from the Fox show had a strong advertising campaign using slogans such as “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!” and “Nothin’ like a Butterfinger!” After Butterfinger stopped using the Simpsons for advertising, the Simpsons displayed a scene in which Butterfinger bars were unable to be burned and a character says, “even the fire doesn’t want them.” I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of that little dispute.

As an April Fools day prank in 2008 Nestlé announced that they had changed the name of the candy bar to “The Finger.” Nestlé created a whole website around the spoof saying that the previous brand name had been clumsy and awkward. Now you can find silly videos to follow this prank on the Butterfinger Comedy Network.

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Baby Ruth Candy Bar

November 1, 2007 by




Introduced in 1920 , the Baby Ruth candy bar has fueled one of the great candy mysteries with speculation as to where it got it’s name

Some say it was the great baseball slugger, while other’s claim it was President Grover Cleveland’s daughter.

Here’s another piece of candy trivia:

The fabled Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bar were originally made by the now defunct Curtis Candy Company

The company president, Otto Schnering, used a unique, albeit dangerous, marketing ploy of dropping these candy bars out of planes over major cities

The candy is no longer manufactured by the Curtis Candy Company and distribution is, more often than not, by truck but they remain one of America’s favorites candy bars