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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

January 12, 2012 by

2012 new year resolutionWell, we’re two weeks into 2012. Those lifestyle-change commitments should still be fresh in your mind. And we want to help make them happen. A candy company might be the last place you’d look for ways to make your New Year’s resolution a reality. But we’re here to help you with everything candy related, and this is no exception. Sure, if you treat it the wrong way, candy can be the reason behind your New Year’s resolution. But when respected as the perfect motivator kids around the world know it to be, candy can drive you to do just about anything.

Lay off the Sugar

For those of us who need to limit sugar, for whatever reason, there’s good news. We’re living in the year 2012. Over the past several years, shocking advances have been made in the world of sugar-free sweets. New sugar substitutes offer all kinds and degrees of sweetness. And there are sugar-free versions of classic candies that taste incredibly similar to the originals.

Check out these great-tasting options from all over the flavor spectrum to keep your treats interesting and guilt free.

Diverse: Eda’s Sugar Free candies offers every flavor under the sun — from the basics to sour, tropical, coffee, minty, and creamy.
Cool:York Sugar Free Peppermint Patties give you your mint and chocolate without the ice cream.
Exciting:Sugarfree Pop Rocks keep things exciting without giving you a sugar rush.
Gummy: Jelly Belly does SF right with bags featuring 10 classic flavors.
Peanut Buttery: Reese’s Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups go right to the jugular of temptation. Everybody needs a little peanut butter sometimes. Have these on hand when your time hits.
Retro: Sen-Sen Rolls pack a classic licorice flavor without the calories.

Quit Smoking

If you’ve sworn off smoking, you’re embarking on a commendable task. It’s one of the greatest things you can do, for both yourself and your loved ones. Quitting smoking is hard, but there are ways to take the edge off your cravings. We’ve received lots of reviews crediting Cinnamon Toothpicks as the best natural stop-smoking aid out there. If you like some refreshment with your substitute, Mint Flavored Toothpicks will also do the trick. These flavorful picks simulate the hand-to-mouth motion of smoking, and they’re totally sugar free. We also have a million kinds of gum to keep your mouth busy. Well, maybe more like 200. But who needs more variety than that?

Reward Yourself

We all know that total deprivation is the easiest way to compromise the mission. Sure, cold turkey seems like it would be the way to go. But believing you’re never able to have something (especially something you think about often) can be dangerous. The forbidden fruit is often the most tempting.

For some habits, quitting cold turkey is the way to go. But for others, moderation is perfectly reasonable. Candy Favorites offers hundreds of delicious options with less sugar, less fat, and smaller portions to help you indulge reasonably. Stock up on a better-for-you treat, and your moments of weakness won’t be disastrous. Even better, proactively plan to reward yourself for positive milestones. This will keep your cravings to a minimum and give you a better chance at reaching your goals.