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Prepare for Halloween With Pop Rocks Pumpkin Patch Orange

July 23, 2009 by
The Charlie Brown character Linus would love Pop Rocks Pumpkin Patch Candy

The Charlie Brown character Linus would love Pop Rocks Pumpkin Patch Candy

Sharability: 1 (way too good to share)

Denture Danger: 0

Convenience: 6

Novelty: 8

Overall: 10

It is the eve of October 31st and the witches, monsters, and princesses are going house to house trying to make their pillowcases as heavy as possible. One secret that we know is that quality is better than quantity. 

We make sure to get pop rocks pumpkin patch orange edition for our trick-or-treaters. What could be more perfect for Halloween? You just know that at the end of the night each kid dumps out his big bag of candy onto the table. And when he does that he will pick up that pumpkin patch orange pop rocks and put it aside in the “best candy” along with pile with the full size snickers and package of four Reese’s Cups. Wouldn’t it feel good knowing that you gave every kid-in-costume one of their favorite candies of an entire night of candy collecting? 

The orange and green pop rocks feel like hundreds of tiny explosions are going off in your mouth. The actual flavor of the pop rocks is sweet without any particular flavoring even though the package says orange flavored. The best way to eat them is to rip off the top and pour them into your mouth, that way you don’t waist any poppers on you hand.

You can pour them on to your tongue so that it sounds like bacon sizzling on the stove. The pop rocks tingle is quote soothing and if you close your eyes it feels and sounds like a rain storm is happening inside your mouth.You can feel them popping all the way down your throat and in your teeth and it’s always nice to get that unexpected pop after it you think it is all over.

After you have held the bag upside down over your gaping mouth, it is always fun to rip open the bag and lick it clean making sure to savor every last pop.

So for this coming Halloween, you know what candy to get, and for the meantime, who couldn’t go without a little extra pop rocking in their life?

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  • Reply Ahmed February 9, 2012 at 2:23 am

    Wow, what a week. Miracle Fruit and now Seaweed Pop Rocks! Awesome idea. I have to try this. Eating can be just TOO fun!

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