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Ferrara Pan’s Jaw Busters, the Original Jaw Breakers, Eat at Your Own Risk

November 6, 2009 by
A vintage box of Ferrara Pan Jawbreakers - the candy is now known as a Jawbuster!

A vintage box of Ferrara Pan Jawbreakers - the candy is now known as a Jawbuster!

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 10 (if you try and chew it)

Convenience: 8

Novelty: 8

Overall: 4

It puzzles me to think how a candy marketed as “Jaw Breakers” is and has been so successful. It seems like it would have gone out of business with the cigarette company called “death” and Chevy Nova car in Latin America, which translates to “it doesn’t go.” I think the brand name almost comes off as a challenge to kids. The kids who have managed to have bite into a Jawbuster without breaking their teeth in the process have something to brag about (though I’m sure kids would love brag about how they broke their tooth trying to bite into a jawbreaker, “It didn’t break my jaw like it was supposed to!”).

I am reluctant to call this candy by its name, Jaw Busters because growing up they were always called Jaw Breakers. I think the Jaw Breakers began to go a bit unnoticed (which isn’t surprising considering the danger implied by trying to bite into one) so Ferrara Pan changed the name to “Jaw Busters, the original Jaw Breakers.” They call it the original Jaw Breakers because jawbreakers used to be a generic term thrown around by candy companies as any hard candy and Ferrara Pan took that name and created a product.

Jaw Busters are created with the same rotating pan process as lemon heads and atomic fireballs, but the Jaw Buster process is a little more intense. The process of adding more sugar to the pan is repeated over 100 times in a 14 to 19 day period, which is why this candy isn’t so easy bite into. Don’t try and prove yourself worthy for any reason by attempting to bite into one of these candies because even if you don’t break your jaw, you could hurt your jaw or break a tooth and I don’t think biting into any candy is worth that sacrifice (which is why I don’t know how this candy is still in the market). So, eat at your own risk.

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