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Everything is Better When It’s Covered in Chocolate: Brach’s Bridge Mix

December 9, 2009 by
Everything is better when covered in chocolate especially Brach's Chocolate Covered Bridge Mix

Everything is better when covered in chocolate especially Brach's Chocolate Covered Bridge Mix

Sharability: 9

Denture Danger: 7

Convenience: 9

Novelty: 6

Overall: 10

    This isn’t your normal bag of chocolate covered peanuts. When you reach your hand into this bag of chocolate pieces you better anticipate a surprise. The chocolates come in different shapes, sizes, and shades of brown. Round pieces, oblong pieces, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, small pieces, and large clumps make up Brach’s Bridge Mix 

What lies within the chocolate shell remains a mystery until you take the daring first bite. It might be a chocolate covered brazil nut, toffee, a peanut, a raisin, a malted milk ball, or some other sweet, chewy, or crunchy candy or nut.
Trying to decide between chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered raisons, and malted milk balls can be quite stressful and overwhelming. I like the crunch of the malted milk, but the sweet chewiness of the raisin, and the nuttyness of the peanuts… what to choose?

How convenient that there is a mix in which you can satisfy all of these desires and more! And what is more fun than a pleasant surprise? It is quite doubtful that you will be disappointed by any of the sweet and nutty tastes (granted you aren’t allergic to peanuts). Let’s be honest, if it’s covered in chocolate, it’s going to be good, and if you have a variety of things covered in chocolate, it’s going to be great.

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  • Reply Joan Ward June 11, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    I used to be able to find Bridge mix at Walmart and C
    VS but now can not find it anywhere. Where is it possible to find?

  • Reply Lynn Hanson June 23, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    I used to purchase bags of Bridge Mix; I think they were around a pound bag – going through about one bag a week. I mainly purchased these bags at the Walmart store in Buffalo, MN, but now, Bridge Mix is no where to be found. Every store I visit I check, I even have co-workers checking. Where can I purchase Bridge Mix?

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