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Break Toffee Norms With Brach’s Assorted Coffee Toffee Special Treasures

May 3, 2010 by
Brachs Special Treasures come in a myriad of unusual flavors!

Brachs Assorted Coffee Toffee Special Treasures come in a myriad of unusual flavors!

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 10

Convenience: 10

Novelty: 6

Overall: 8

Once again, Brach’s goes versatile with the flavors in the Assorted Coffee Special Treasures, hard toffees flavored with only the classiest of flavors including amaretto, Suisse mocha, French vanilla and Irish cream.

Each flavor has a corresponding wrapper and color to do with the interesting and unique flavors. Resisting the temptation to chew these candies is impressive and unless you can be in that minority, you will have trouble avoiding large chunks of toffee from being stuck in your teeth.

The amaretto caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure what amaretto was and when I tasted it I had to look it up to distinguish what flavors I was tasting and then it all made sense Amaretto is an Italian almond flavored liqueur made from an apricot and/or almond base. This candy seems to have both of those flavors mingling together in the toffee candy.

Suisse mocha is just a fancy name for mocha that is pretending to be from Switzerland. This dark flavor of chocolate and coffee has a distinguishably different taste from that of a classic mocha flavor.

French vanilla is what you would expect, sweet white vanilla toffee. A fun fact: Vanilla flavoring comes from orchids that are native to Mexico.

Irish Cream definitely has an alcoholic flavor to it. I always wonder how candies can have such strong alcoholic flavors without actually being infused with the dangerous substance. This Irish cream, void of the whisky, may be served in wrapper instead of on the rocks, but it’ll be sure to get stuck in your rocks if you decide to chomp down on it.


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  • Reply Pam Henson August 31, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Where can I buy hidden treasures coffee toffees?

    • Reply Jonah Half September 6, 2017 at 9:52 am

      Sadly, you can’t as this is yet another classic that Brachs has discontinued. For whatever the reason, or, perhaps because of a lack of reason, Brachs has discontinued the majority of their most beloved candies includinf Ice Blue Mint Coolers, Neopolitans and special Treasures to name but a few. As for why, no one seems to know….

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