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A Brach’s Easter Candy Taste Test

March 29, 2018 by

As we all know, Easter is a holiday full of religious symbolism, but it is also a holiday full of candy! After Halloween of course, Easter is the second most popular holiday to indulge in all of your favorite sweets– especially ones that you may not have access to year round. So I decided to check out some of Brach’s Easter candies and see how they compare to the better known Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. I got to delve into some White and Pastel Malt Eggs, Chicks and Rabbits, and Hunt Eggs, none of which I had previously tried.

Easter is a time of rebirth. Easter eggs have been used to symbolize this concept since around the 1200s. There are many kinds of egg shaped candies such as Reeses Cups, Butterfingers, and even M&Ms. Why all these candies are made out of chocolate is beyond me, so let’s just talk about the Malt Eggs, shall we?

Brach’s Fiesta Malt Eggs

brach's fiesta malt eggs

First of all, these candies are peculiarly round for a supposedly egg shaped candy. There is a hard outer shell, containing the crispy wafer inside. The outer shell, depending on the color, can range in amount of flavoring and colors. The pink ones especially have a very bold taste, while the white ones are much calmer. Although they don’t taste all that different, if you really take the time to experience the flavor, you too will notice the slight difference. The inside of the candy is home to first a layer of chocolate, then a layer of what can be considered a large Whopper. All three parts of the candy work extremely well together and I can see why they are such a popular candy for the holiday.

Shareability: 9 Denture Danger: 8 Convenience: 4 Novelty: 5 Overall: 7

Brach’s Marshmallow Hunt Eggs

brach's marshmallow hunt eggsThere are more than just chocolate egg shaped candies. There are chewy flavored candies too. Hunt Eggs are an example of some non-chocolate Easter candies. These eggs come in many flavors such as: orange, lemon, lime, raspberry, vanilla, strawberry, and grape. These candies are said to have a sweet outer coating and a marshmallow center, but after experiencing the candy, I’m going to have to disagree.

The outside of the candy has a similar consistency to Skittles… they can be squished if you try really hard.  The inside, although said to be marshmallow, has a much closer texture to Kinetic Sand. The candy as a whole tastes like the powder that someone can use to dip their Baby Bottle Pop into. All in all, this is not one of my favorite candies, but you should still go ahead and try it because who doesn’t like trying something new? Who knows, maybe you’ll love it.

Shareability: 8 Denture Danger: 6 Convenience: 10 Novelty: 8 Overall: 2

Brach’s Chicks and Rabbits

brach's chicks and rabbitsChicks and Rabbits were the last candies that I ate during this taste testing. They are, basically, a variant of the Circus Peanuts I talked about back in January, during my Most Controversial Candies in America blog. Circus Peanuts are high up on that list. Chicks and Rabbits are in the shapes of, you guessed it… chicks and rabbits, unlike the classic peanuts that come in the shape of…a peanut!

These candies are also considered to be a marshmallow treat, but this one is more like condensed cotton candy. Is it that hard to make a marshmallow correctly? The inside of these candies does have the same look as the Hunt Eggs, but they taste completely different. These have a bitter flavor, while the Hunt Eggs had a much too sweet taste. Chicks and Rabbits are banana flavored and very soft. So even though I am not a fan, I have to give the company credit for creating a candy unlike any others.

Shareability: 8 Denture Danger: 2 Convenience: 7 Novelty: 8 Overall: 6

Easter is one of the best times to fill yourself full of candy, since the next candy filled holiday is not until July. Since the holiday is a time of rebirth, maybe it should also be the time to try new things, perhaps some candies that you have never eaten before. You could eat some Malt Eggs, Hunt Eggs, and Chicks and Rabbits– all good choices if you want to have a very flavorful experience. The best part is that you can buy all of these candies right here at! 

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