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It's easy to wax eloquent - sorry, we couldn't resist this pun -  about this category. Wax Candies have been around for a long time and a Halloween wouldn't be complete without Wax Fangs, Wax Lips or even the new Wax Mustaches which are great looking and tasty too. Wax candies combine great flavor with a unique chewing experience....just make sure you don't swallow it! 

The list would not be compete if we didn't mention other hard to find favorites such as Nik N Nips, Wax Sticks, Wax Cola Bottles and the latest member to join the crowd, the Cry Baby Wax Syrup Bottles. These sour sweets available in bulk or 4 packs, which combine the chewiness of wax with super tart fruit flavoring.

By the way, like so many innovative candy products, Wax Lips have a unique history which can be enjoyed by clicking here. Please don't forget to order ice packs or a thermo case if shipping into a warm area, as wax does have a tendency to melt..

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