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There’s plenty o’ fish in the sea, and plenty o’ fish here in our Fish Candy selection, too, ready to be caught and put into your shopping cart. It’s the easiest fishing trip you’ll ever take; no mosquitoes, no sunscreen, no snagged lines.

If you are looking for gifts for fishermen (or fisherwomen) or something cute for kids, we have more than a dozen things to do the trick.

We have Swedish Fish that you can custom label with your own message, Aquarium Candy, Seaquest Aquatic Egg Hunt, and Haribo Gummi Clown Fish that would be adorable piled into a fish bowl with a bow around it.

Another crowd favorite is the Jelly Candy Fish Kabob, colorful salt water fish skewered on a stick and nearly too cute to eat. Nearly, we said. Whichever fish candy you choose, you won’t have to worry about it staying fresh since everybody will want some of your catch.